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A-Frame Roof Carports

Did you know that A-Frame horizontal roof carports are also known as boxed eave carports? These carport roofing styles are similar to the kind of roofs you see on residential homes, and it is desired mainly for that reason. These steel carports can withstand the outside weather conditions and last for the long haul while providing you an ideal space to store your car and shield other important possessions.

Mr. Carports offers durable, aesthetically appealing, and affordable A-frame metal carports. Call Mr. Carports today at (877) 350-5464 to get your A-Frame carports delivered and installed for free.

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widthWidth 32
lengthLength 40
heightHeight 14
32x40 A-Frame Roof carport
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*Prices vary with states and certification requirement

widthWidth 24
lengthLength 30
heightHeight 10
24x30 Metal Carport
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*Prices vary with states and certification requirement

widthWidth 16
lengthLength 20
heightHeight 8
16x20 A-Frame Roof Carport
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*Prices vary with states and certification requirement

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What is an A-Frame Horizontal Carport?

A-Frame horizontal carport or boxed-eave carport is a kind of structure that copies traditional American roof styles. This type of structure’s allure lies in the appealing design and need for uniformity with the main house’s structural design.

Boxed-eave carports utilize horizontal panels, which adds to the building’s structural strength and gives a modicum of protection against the weather conditions. Experts recommend boxed-eave metal carports for areas that experience moderate weather.

The Boxed-Eave carport is available in 12-gauge or 14-gauge steel framing, and the size starts from 12’×21’. The specifications of the Boxed-eave steel carport makes for a sturdy and long-lasting carport building.

What’s the Difference Between Vertical Roof and Boxed Eave Carports?

The difference between these two is in the name.

Vertical roofs are designed or instead made along vertical lines. That is, the ridges run top to bottom from the peak down to the eaves. This particular type of roof style is recommended for areas where there is heavy snow or rainfall. It also requires no maintenance and easily sheds snow and other materials.

On the other hand, boxed-eave or A-Frame horizontal roofs are the more affordable version of vertical roofs. This roof style is the preferred method among American residential homes. So if you don’t want your carport roof style to clash with the main building, this is the style to go for. A-Frame horizontal roof runs horizontally, length to length. Experts recommend it for areas where the weather is moderate, and it usually requires very little maintenance to remove, dislodge, or clear substances that may impede drainage.

Build Your Dream Metal Carport

One thing that sets Mr. Carports apart from its competitors is that it always answers the call! No matter the challenge, Mr. Carports has sufficient experience and workforce to overcome it. Another thing that Mr. Carports provides is customization options for customers.

If you’re the type that likes to get involved during installation or have a definite and particular view of what you want your structure to look like, here is your chance.

Mr. Carports offers customization options, including the following:


this is one thing that is entirely up to you. A-Frame carports size starts from 12’×21’ and can go beyond as per your needs.

Roof styles

in the previous section, you have already seen the different types of A-Frame carports and already note their differences.

Vertical roofs are expensive, but the worth is in the design. The roofs require very little maintenance for drainage, are very sturdy, and can withstand the harshest weather conditions. At the same time, horizontal roofs are more affordable but no less sturdy or durable. Horizontal roofs are standard and require little maintenance to aid drainage.


you might think this option is inconsequential. However, you have to make sure the color you choose does not clash with the main building’s color. Mr. Carports offer ten color customization options. Do you love neutral shades like Earth Brown, Rawhide, Quaker Gray, Pewter Gray, Black, Pebble Beige, or Clay? Maybe you prefer bold hues like Evergreen Royal Blue, Barn Red. It’s up to you!


Gables fill the triangular space between the tops of the legs and the peak of the building. Gables reduce the structure’s clearance height. They also add more support to your structure, making it more durable and sturdy.


Mr. Carports also offers you the option of choosing your type of anchor for your building. They also provide professional advice on which would be the most efficient choice.

12- and 14- Gauge Steel Frame

the choice here is about strength. Here the choice of whether to use the 12-gauge steel frame or 14-gauge steel frame is up to you. However, experts advise that you accede to the professional opinion of the expert-in-charge.

26- and 29- Gauge Roofing

the higher the gauge, the thinner the metal; the lower the gauge, the thicker the metal. It should be your guiding principle in choosing your preferred gauge roofing.


you don’t want to work with someone who isn’t certified! It essentially refers to the professional use of materials, equipment, and designs that will pass inspection. You can request certification if you want.

Call Mr. Carports now at (877) 350-5464, and get your customized Boxed-Eave carport!

Practical Uses of Boxed-Eave Carports

The beauty of A-Frame or boxed-eave carports is that they provide versatility in building structures that usually lack it. Boxed-eave carports can be particularly repurposed for different events or occasions. Some of the uses of boxed-eave carports include:

Storing vehicles

holding your car, truck, van, or SUV is the chief aim of carports. No matter the type or model of vehicle you are using, Boxed-Eave carports will safeguard your property from the weather conditions and keep them in top conditions.

Hosting events

you can repurpose your A-Frame carport to host events such as family dinners, coworkers parties, birthday parties, and so on. It will save you the hassle of arranging and moving furniture when your turn to host events.


you can convert your A-Frame carport to a safe play space for your kids. The covered structure will protect them from weather conditions and also give a feeling of safety.

Boat storage

indeed, you can also use your A-Frame carport to keep your boat safe until you’re ready to journey to the sea again. The availability of your A-Frame carport also means that your boat won’t be exposed to the elements in times when the weather is terrible.

Site Preparation for A-Frame Metal Carports

You’re almost ready for the installation of your A-Frame horizontal roof carport. You have contacted Mr. Carports and have had your order received, but have you prepared your site for the installation?

There are some steps you need to take before the installation happens. Site Preparation essentially involves inspecting your land (whether it is leveled, cleared of all debris and vegetation), the foundation, and check if your site can take the metal carport you’re about to install.

A-Frame Roof Carport Prices

Did you know that the boxed-eave carport is one of the affordable roof styles in the market? In fact, boxed-eave carports prices start from $1,295; further price increase is entirely due to certain factors such as installation and customization.

Factors that may influence the increase in the price of an A-Frame carport are:

  • Delivery location: The cost depends on the distance. The farther the distance, the more the delivery fee.
  • Customization options: The final cost of your A-Frame roof carport may increase due to your specifications or customization choices.
  • Manufacturer

In case you cannot finance your A-Frame carport, Mr. Carports offers two flexible financing options – a rent-to-own option and a traditional financing program.

Free Delivery and Installation of A-Frame Horizontal Roof Carports

Do you want to save on some costs? Mr. Carports provide free delivery and installation of Boxed-Eave carports in 34 states in the USA. Yes, that means you don’t have to pay extra for delivery or installation. It’s free! Do you live in one of these states?


If you want your Boxed-Eave carport installed in any of these states, you can CALL Mr. Carports NOW at (877) 350-5464 and get your prefab carport delivered and installed at ZERO COST!

Upgrade Your Property with an A-Frame Metal Carport

One thing separates Mr. Carports from its competitors in the industry — they always pick the call! Mr. Carports has over 35 years of experience and expertise in the metal building business. They have accumulated a reputation for being the top metal building dealer in the country. And their team of leading industry experts is always ready to make your wish come true. Call Mr. Carports today at (877) 350-5464, and get the best deal in the market.

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