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One of the easiest and affordable ways to expand your space is through a clear span building. Do you own a business that needs a wide-open space? Besides commercial uses, clear span metal buildings offer residential, industrial, and agricultural applications as well. The clear span structures are a versatile option that provides a vast amount of usable space without the use of columns or other materials getting in the way. These sturdy structures provide ample protection and stability that is ideal for storage and other uses.

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What Are Clear Span Buildings?

A clear span building is the kind of steel structure that does not require the columns other facilities have for vertical support. The entire building’s span equals the width of the framing, and the clear span refers to the open space available because of the design. Some in the construction industry have referred to clear span steel buildings as ‘buildings of 1,000 uses.’ The possibilities are endless. These are great options for almost any industry or homeowner in need of extra storage. What you could do with a clear span building depends on your specific requirement.

Agricultural Clear Span Metal Buildings

  • Farm Buildings: Farmers can figure out several reasons to install a clear span metal building on their property. Because modern farmers depend so much on enormous and expensive equipment like tractors, combines, hay balers, and others, these buildings can be a perfect, clutter-free storage addition to any farm or ranch. It can also provide space for a workshop, crop storage, hay shed, or barn.
  • Equestrian Structures: Many horse riding enthusiasts have already looked to covered and indoor riding arenas for their hobby. Clear span buildings protect equestrian structures so riders can continue riding even during inclement weather.

Commercial Clear Span Buildings

  • Aircraft Hangars: It should come as no surprise that it takes a vast amount of space to maneuver an aircraft. Steel hangars contain the ideal amount to store a plane, jet, or helicopter until the next time it takes to the skies. Many terminals, shade shelters, and other aircraft maintenance buildings depend on clear span metal buildings.
  • Churches: Places of worship require wide open and welcoming spaces, and prefabricated clear span steel buildings can create the sort of soaring ceilings needed for sanctuaries. Growing churches with larger congregations can especially appreciate the airy atmosphere for their Sunday services.
  • Retail Industry: Many large retailers have opted for clear span metal buildings for their functional needs. From convenience and grocery stores to big-box specialty giants, the structures provide plenty of unobstructed room to showcase their products in various aisles. You could also reorganize the displays easy to accommodate the different seasons and specials.
  • Restaurants: Busy restaurants require an attractive dining area, and a clear span building can be a clean slate to create a perfect eating atmosphere. You can decorate the inside that welcomes your customers to stop and stay awhile, thanks to the column-free ambiance.
  • Vehicle showrooms: Large spaces are needed for large inventory, and if you are in the market for a new set of wheels, you will want to check it out before you buy. Clear span buildings are great for showrooms no matter what the mode of transportation is. Boats, jet skis, cars, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, and tractors can all be showcased in a showstopping way, thanks to these buildings. The showrooms can also be easily adapted to use glass, which welcomes natural light and customers.

Clear Span Metal Buildings Ideal For Industry

  • Assembling Plants: Factories and other giants of industry require big spaces to get parts in, make them in an ordered fashion, and then ship out completed products in an efficient way. Manufacturing plants can rely on prefab clear span buildings to handle the heavy loads along the line.
  • Warehouses: Clear span buildings offer the kind of floor plan freedom that optimize warehousing operations. Because products move in and out quickly, these steel structures provide the room to keep up with that pace. For many import and export warehouse businesses, building in steel is the only feasible industry choice.

Recreation Clear Span Building Options

  • Entertainment: Big productions deserve to be played out in front of a big audience. Entertainment venues have come to rely on clear span metal construction to create the big show ceilings and impressive expanse that helps the audience enjoy the show.
  • Outdoor Pavilions: The outdoors can be even more enjoyable thanks to clear span buildings. Recreational areas like event venues, city parks, and picnic areas need large open-air areas for special events. Clear span buildings provide the covered coverage from extreme heat or an unexpected downpour.
  • Sports Facilities: Indoor sports can allow players to keep up their gameplay, and the best seat in the house could be nearly anywhere because the column-free clear span buildings provide obstruction-free viewing. Gymnasiums, indoor swimming pools, indoor soccer and baseball fields, and skating rinks are just some of the sports options.

Residential Clear Span Buildings

The benefits of clear span buildings do not have to be limited to commercial use only. If you are looking for a wide-open space, consider this flexible option as a way to add extra storage or a garage.

Customization Options For Clear Span Buildings

Clear span metal buildings can be customized to suit your individual needs. You can not only select the size you need, but you can choose the doors, windows, frame-outs, anchors, steel framing, and certifications.

The outside look is just as critical as what you sell or protect on the inside. Your business is all about your brand, and you may already have an idea in mind of what you want your new building to look like. Mr. Carports has a variety of color options to match your imagination. Those customized colors include Earth Brown, Barn Red, Evergreen, Rawhide, Pebble Beige, Quaker Gray, Royal Blue, Clay, Pewter Gray, and Black.

Clear Span Building Prices

How much a clear span building costs depend on various factors, including size, added customizations, location, and manufacturer. Deciding when to buy can be a tough decision, but Mr. Carports has options to help you secure your clear span building while still safeguarding your future finances. You can either buy through the financing option or the rent-to-own program. Both choices allow you to enjoy your new metal building without having to pay for it outright.

Free Delivery And Installation

Depending on where you live, your customized clear span build can be brought to you and installed at no extra charge. Mr. Carports provides top-notch service to ensure you are satisfied. Take advantage of free delivery and installation of clear span buildings to 34 states across the U.S. Do you live in one of these areas?

Georgia, Florida, Alabama, North and South Carolina, Mississippi, Louisiana, Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Alaska, Montana, Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Michigan, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maryland, Delaware, or Washington, D.C.

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