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Metal Building Roof Styles Explained

Most people don’t know that their building roof serves several purposes other than protection from the weather. The roof is one of the most essential parts of a building. For starters, it contributes to the building’s structural integrity – a roof adds a great deal of strength and ensures durability. A weak roof can cause the building to collapse as well as cracks in the structure. It brings harm to you and the contents inside the building.

Metal building roof styles are more unique and versatile than other building roof styles. Choosing metal building roof styles can be very exciting and also incredibly frustrating. That is because there are critical factors to take into consideration – you might decide to choose a particular roof style because of its aesthetic quality but later realize that the roof would be a poor choice for the weather in your area.

Building specialists at Mr. Carports are always ready to help you balance beauty with functionality. Don’t hesitate to call Mr. Carports at (877) 350-5464 if you have problems with choosing the right roof style for your steel building. You can trust over 35 years of professional experience to help you with your metal structure.

Metal Building Roof Styles Available to You

As seen from the above section, several factors are involved in choosing roof style options for a metal building. If you have finished exploring all the factors involved, you can select your preferred metal building roof style. The following are the roof style options available to you:

Vertical Roof Style

The vertical roof style is the best roof style Mr. Carports has to offer. This type of roof is the most demanded and most expensive roof style. The vertical roof style is built with vertical paneling that aids the dissipation of snow and debris clearing from the building’s top. This type of roof has little need for maintenance. Experts fit this style with various materials that add to its durability and strength.

They recommend the vertical roof style for every weather condition. Professionals judge it as the best and most durable among the three roof style options.

  • You get your money's worth.
  • It adds to the structural integrity.
  • It gives the best protection possible to your building and the contents inside.
  • Other benefits include minimal maintenance, optimal durability, and also aesthetic quality.

A-Frame Horizontal Roof Style

The A-Frame horizontal roof style is also known as the Boxed-Eave roof style. This roof style is built with horizontal paneling and superior materials to give it strength and durability. Mr. Carports recommends this type of roof style to areas with moderate weather conditions and strong winds.

A-Frame horizontal roof style is built to complement American homes and has the A-shape that most people like to see.

  • Relatively affordable.
  • Aesthetic quality.
  • Durability.
  • It offers protection from windstorms

Regular Roof Style

Regular roof style is one of the most affordable and basic roof designs in the industry. This roof style is built with horizontal paneling and has rounded corners. It is supported with specially made galvanized steel to lend strength and durability to your metal building. It would also help if you understood that regular roof styles require some maintenance after particular snowfalls. It is a simple roof design that is easy to build but unable to withstand heavy load.

Experts recommend regular roof styles for areas with mild weather conditions.

  • It is very affordable.
  • Easy customization options.
  • It also adds to the strength and structural integrity of your building

Consider These Essential Factors When Choosing a Roof Style for Your Metal Building

As a special consideration to you and to enhance customer satisfaction, Mr. Carports offers customization possibilities to you. With customization options, you can design and build a metal building that is yours from the ground to the roof.

Designing your custom-made metal building might be fun and exciting, but some options are more technical than aesthetic.

An example of a customization option that is more technical than aesthetic is choosing a roof style for your metal building. Below are some of the crucial factors that should influence your choice of roof style for a metal building:


The slope of a roof is the first thing to consider when choosing a roof for your metal building. However, it is one of the factors that handicap or, instead, narrow down your options from the beginning. The slope is what aids the drainage of snow, rain, and debris from a roof.

There are two types of roof slopes, including:

  • A low-slope roof: this type of roof is easier to manufacture. Professionals almost always use it for commercial buildings. The low-slope roof is one whose geometry is less than 3:12 and easier to build; it requires fewer materials when compared to steep slope roofs, which reduces material costs.
  • A steep slope roof: this type of slope is more expensive to manufacture because of its intricate designs. It also requires much more materials than low slope roofs. You commonly see a steep slope roof in residential areas. Experts recommend it for regions that may experience high snow loads and heavy rainfall.

Location and Climate

These two factors are critical to consider. The climate in the project location can severely limit your roof style options. For instance, if your project is in an area prone to heavy rainfall and snow load, your roof style choice is limited to a vertical roof. Any other style apart from vertical roof poses a risk to your building’s structural integrity.

Also, depending on the city, there could be limitations or outright bans on the use of certain roof styles. So before deciding on a roof style, you have to first check with appropriate authorities and building codes.

Panel Type

The panel type of roof style is another factor. Most people don’t care about panel type – aesthetic quality and relative affordability often guide customers’ decisions. There are two types of panels available, including vertical paneling and horizontal paneling.

Vertical paneling is more expensive and judged to be the far more reliable type of paneling because of its weather-tightness. Horizontal paneling, on the other hand, is more affordable compared to vertical paneling. It is also quite reliable but often needs maintenance after a hefty snowfall or rainfall.

Panel Gauge

The panel gauge of a roof style mainly concerns strength and durability. There are two main types of roof panel gauge, including 26 gauge roof panels and 29 gauge roof panels. 26 gauge roof panels offer more strength and durability to your choice roof than the 29 gauge roof panels.

Note that this list is not exhaustive; call Mr. Carports at (877) 350-5464 for more information and advice on metal building services.

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