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Regular Roof Garages

Why don’t you have a garage to protect your car from extreme weather conditions? Are you concerned about the price? Maybe it is the size and design that is holding you back. You don’t need to worry about any of that. Instead, trust a team of trained professionals to help you every step of the way.

Regular roof garages from Mr. Carports are more than just garages – they are built to your taste and are versatile. You can use the garage for any event – anniversaries, birthday parties, and more.

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Mr. Carports offer metal buildings for every preference and every need. Check out our diverse line of designs!
widthWidth 18
lengthLength 20
heightHeight 9
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*Prices vary with states and certification requirement

widthWidth 22
lengthLength 36
heightHeight 9
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*Prices vary with states and certification requirement

widthWidth 24
lengthLength 36
heightHeight 11
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*Prices vary with states and certification requirement

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Regular Garages Design – Get the Best for Very Little

Mr. Carports offers an opportunity of a lifetime – a super affordable regular roof garage built by the best minds in the industry to withstand the test of time, and also protect your properties from the weather. The regular roof garage is built with horizontal paneling and a curved roof. That makes it easy for the roof to drain debris after rainfall and snow. This type of garage won’t make much of a dent in your budget. Call Mr. Carports at (877) 350-5464 to order one.

Add a Personal Touch to Regular Roof Steel Garages

At Mr. Carports, the goal is customer satisfaction. The professionals provide you customization options and flexibility in building your garage to your taste and needs to achieve this aim. This option is also consistent with our need to meet your budget; you have the final say on several decisions concerning materials and components to use.

Mr. Carports offers you the opportunity to choose which style or type of roof to use. You can also make decisions on colors, windows, doors, anchors, steel gauge, and a host of other things. Of course, some of these decisions might be over your head. Alternatively, they could be inconsistent with the style and structure of regular roof metal garages; that is where our specialists come in and give advice.

In addition to this special option, you can also choose the size of the building you need. This choice can be influenced by the number of vehicles you intend to house in the garage and if you want to store other valuables.

More on Customization Options for Regular Style Metal Garages

If what you need is a regular roof garage built to your taste and needs, then Mr. Carports is the metal building company you need. Apart from giving you the authority to make decisions, this American company allows you to see your plans. The roof is not the only customization option available to you; there are several other options for your perusal. Some of them are:


The size is one of the most important options available to you. The experts at Mr. Carports provide regular style metal garages in different sizes. Although there are multiple designs handy, the decision on your building size is yours. Please note that the typical size of a regular roof garage starts from 12’×21’ and can increase according to your needs and specifications.

Roof styles

You also have the freedom to choose between three categories or kinds of garage roofs. The three types are regular roof style, A-Frame horizontal or Boxed-Eave roof style, and vertical roof style. The weather condition of your area usually determines the choice of roof style.


You also have significant flexibility in choosing the color of your regular roof garage. Mr. Carports recognizes that this is a decision that can influence your feelings on the garage. Check out these ten color options for regular roof metal garages:

Barn Red, Earth Brown, Rawhide, Evergreen, Pebble Beige, Clay, Royal Blue, Quaker Gray, Pewter Gray, Black

Doors and Windows

Regular style metal garages are enclosed spaces. That means they have doors and windows for ventilation and protection. There are various kinds of doors to choose from, including roll-up, walk-in, and garage doors. You can also select the type of windows to use.

Alternative Applications for Regular Roof Garages

Regular garages are more than just garages. Yes, the primary function is to protect your cars from harsh weather, but you can use the space for other purposes. That is the hallmark of Mr. Carports’ designs and specialization: Versatility and Functionality!

Some of the alternative applications of regular garages include:

  • Storage space: most regular garages already function as a sort of storage facility for unused or dangerous household materials. You can keep your boat, gardening tools, furniture, and other equipment in the garage.
  • For agricultural purposes: you can also convert your regular roof garage into a regular roof barn or stall for keeping domestic animals. You can also repurpose the space to store seeds, animal feed, fertilizers, and more.
  • Workshop: you can convert your regular roof garage into a workshop. It could be a carpentry workshop or an autobody workshop. You only need to buy some work equipment for the setup to be complete.
  • Man-cave or She-shed: another alternative use for your regular garage space is to convert it to your personal space. It could be your refuge away from unwanted company or noise. We all need some alone time at a particular time.
  • Personal gym: if you don’t fancy mixing with strangers or doing your exercise in public, you can convert your garage space into a personal gym. You only need to get some essential exercise equipment and materials to get started.

Certified and Non-Certified Regular Garages

The difference between certified and non-certified regular garages is mainly in the type and quality of materials used, design structure, and several other things contributing to your garage’s structural integrity.

In practical terms, the difference between certified and non-certified structures is in the building’s quality and strength. If you stay in areas or states requiring certification before you can install any metal building, you have nothing to worry about. However, building a non-certified garage may lead to a structure that cannot withstand your community’s weather condition and the test of time.

In this vein, Mr. Carports offers certification options on all of its metal buildings. With a certified metal garage from Mr. Carports, you can be sure that the bar of quality put in the structure is miles ahead of other metal building providers.

Regular Roof Steel Garages Prices and Financing Options

Regular roof garages from Mr. Carports are the most affordable and better-designed structures in the metal industry. Mr. Carports, in being conscious of your budget, offers customization options through which you can tailor your regular garage to your taste and budget. Indeed, the choices you make can affect the total cost of your regular roof garage.

While Mr. Carports offers the most affordable regular roof garages in the industry, several external factors may cause the total cost to be expensive. Such factors include customization options, delivery location, and installation fees. However, even if you don’t have the financial power to buy your structure, Mr. Carports offers two financing options – rent-to-own and traditional financing, tailored to your specific situation.

You can order or get a quote for your regular roof garage online or call Mr. Carports at (877) 350-5464 to speak with our excellent customer service representatives.

Free Delivery and Installation of Regular Roof Garages

With over 35 years of being the top metal building dealer in the USA, Mr. Carports is embarking on giving back to the people that have kept faith in it. We offer free delivery and installation services to clients in 34 states in the USA. The beneficiary states including the following:

  1. North Carolina
  2. South Carolina
  3. Georgia
  4. Alabama
  5. Mississippi
  6. Florida
  7. Louisiana
  8. Arkansas
  9. Oklahoma
  10. Washington
  11. Oregon
  12. California
  13. Montana
  14. Arizona
  15. Michigan
  16. Illinois
  17. Indiana
  18. Ohio
  19. Virginia
  20. West Virginia
  21. Pennsylvania
  22. Vermont
  23. New Hampshire
  24. Massachusetts
  25. Connecticut
  26. Rhode Island
  27. Delaware
  28. Maryland
  29. Texas
  30. Kansas
  31. Colorado
  32. Missouri
  33. Kentucky
  34. Washington D.C.

If you stay in any of these states, all you need to do to enjoy our sterling services is pick up your phone and call Mr. Carports at (877) 350-5464 to place an order.

You Deserve the Best Regular Metal Garages — You Deserve Mr. Carports

It’s time your property has regular roof garages. Mr. Carports is the top metal buildings dealer in the country with an excellent customer service team and top-level metal structures. You can trust 35 years of combined experience from an American-based company. Call Mr. Carports today at (877) 350-5464 to take advantage of manufacturer-direct pricing on metal buildings.

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